EDIH Network

Building Europe’s Digital Future with EDIHs

The EDIHs, or European Digital Innovation Hubs, are hubs dedicated to digital innovation in Europe. They are designed to assist businesses and entities in the public sector in addressing digital challenges and enhancing their competitiveness.

The mission of the EDIHs

– EDIHs support businesses by providing:

– Access to technical expertise and testing to enable experimentation before investment.

– Innovation services, including advice on financing, training, and skill development to succeed in their digital transformation.

– Support to address environmental challenges, with a focus on using digital technologies for sustainability and circularity.

A European Network

EDIHs combine regional proximity with the benefits of a pan-European network. This allows for locally tailored services while sharing best practices and offering specialized services where local skills are insufficient. Explore the network of European EDIHs.

Latest Developments

The Digital Europe Work Programme (DIGITAL) selected 136 EDIH projects in the first call, including CYBIAH, the Île-de-France hub. The second call added 15 more hubs. These hubs will be operational by mid-2023, with funding shared between the DIGITAL program and member states, regions, and the private sector.

Assessment of Network Maturity

The European Commission aims to create a dynamic network of EDIHs, promoting cooperation and knowledge exchange. The Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA) manages the online presence of this network. It offers tools to assess the impact of EDIHs on the digital maturity of the organizations they support. This includes a digital maturity assessment tool.

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