Cybersecurity: 5 essential recommendations for SMEs

As part of the Cybermoi/s event, Campus Cyber has developed, in collaboration with and with the support of all computer federations, a concise fact sheet (available in digital and printable formats) highlighting the "5 essential cybersecurity recommendations for businesses".

This innovative initiative, carried out in partnership with during the cybersecurity awareness month, aims to raise awareness among small and medium-sized enterprises about the importance of cybersecurity.

The 5 Crucial Tips for Businesses

1. Opt for strong and unique passwords for each service

The security of your systems, services, and data relies on the strength of your passwords. Poor password management can lead to theft, alteration, or deletion of your information. Make sure to use long passwords (at least 12 characters), difficult to guess, and distinct for each service. Additionally, enable two-factor authentication where possible to enhance the security of your accounts.

2. Perform regular and offline backups of your data

In the face of cyber-attacks aimed at destroying your data and their online backups, performing frequent backups and keeping them offline is the best protection to minimize losses in case of an attack.

3. Promptly update all your equipment and software

Updates fix security vulnerabilities in your hardware and software that cybercriminals could exploit. It is essential to keep all your equipment (computers, servers, phones, tablets, etc.) as well as applications and software up to date as soon as an update is available.

4. Be vigilant against phishing attempts

Phishing emails or SMS messages are a common method used by cybercriminals to steal sensitive information, install malware, or make fraudulent transfers. Educate your entire team about the threat of phishing and the actions to take in case of an attack or suspicion. Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, and every member of the company can contribute to protecting it.

5. Collaborate with trusted cybersecurity providers

To assess your security level, develop action plans, implement them, or get assistance in case of an attack, rely on IT providers with certifications or labels of trust in cybersecurity such as ExpertCyber, PRIS, PASSI, recognized for their expertise.

About Cybermoi/s

The Cybersecurity Month (Cybermoi/s) is the French adaptation of the European campaign ECSM (European CyberSecurity Month), an initiative supported by most European countries. The main objective of this campaign is to collectively address the challenges related to digital transformation while encouraging each citizen to take ownership, to train, and to protect themselves in the digital world.

To learn more about other European campaigns and activities of ENISA (the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) related to ECSM, you can visit the official website:


Initiated by ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France) and the Ministry of the Interior, is the national program dedicated to assisting victims of cyber malice, preventing and raising awareness of digital risks, and monitoring threats. Its essential role is to help individuals, businesses, associations, communities, and administrations that are victims of cyber malice. It also aims to inform them about digital dangers and protective measures to adopt.

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