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Press Release: CYBIAH Teams Up with Board of Cyber

CYBIAH, the European digital innovation hub coordinated by Campus Cyber, announces a strategic partnership with Board of Cyber, a startup specialized in cyber risk management. This partnership aims to strengthen the cybersecurity of SMEs and public administrations in Île-de-France. In CYBIAH's support program, Board of Cyber intervenes in the initial phase through its SaaS solution, Security Rating®, to assess the cyber performance of beneficiaries.

Image des bureaux de CYBIAH avec une superposition des logos de CYBIAH et de Board of Cyber

The initiative CYBIAH aims to strengthen the cybersecurity of SMEs and local authorities in Île-de-France through a personalized support program consisting of four phases: Onboarding, Diagnosis, Services, and Sustainability.

1 – ONBOARDING: Evaluation by a CYBIAH expert of the maturity of the beneficiaries using Board of Cyber’s SaaS Security Rating® solution.
2 – DIAGNOSIS: Conducting a comprehensive diagnosis and proposing a remediation and security plan.
3 – SERVICES: Assistance in selecting and implementing tailor-made services.
4 – SUSTAINABILITY: Consolidation and deployment of tested solutions by mobilizing complementary devices.

In the first phase, known as Onboarding, Board of Cyber offers its SaaS Security Rating® solution for cyber rating, which is non-intrusive and automated. This rating includes an evaluation of cyber performance based on an analysis of the external attack surface, along with detailed explanations for each detected issue. Board of Cyber also provides its expertise in assessing the cyber maturity of the entity, with a short questionnaire covering needs and organizational structure.

This dual evaluation – comprising the rating and questionnaire – is conducted continuously throughout the CYBIAH support journey, enabling beneficiaries to understand the risks they face and take necessary measures to manage them. SMEs and local authorities can thus measure the evolution of their performance and cyber maturity.

“The consequences of a cyberattack can paralyze local authorities for weeks. For SMEs, it represents a lethal risk. To convince them to improve their cyber maturity, it is important to create an atmosphere of trust and proximity: this is the purpose of this support program. Board of Cyber’s technology used by CYBIAH experts will allow beneficiary SMEs and local authorities to become aware of their level of cybersecurity and continuously track their progress.”

Anne-Sophie COLLÉAUX, EDIH Project Coordinator, Campus Cyber

“We share the values and ambitions of CYBIAH, which is a remarkable initiative coordinated by Campus Cyber, both innovative and concrete for organizations. We positioned ourselves very early with SMEs and local authorities, as they are prime targets for cyberattacks. Within the CYBIAH program, our technology will enable them to assess, manage, and improve their cyber performance.”

Luc DECLERCK, Managing Director of Board of Cyber



CYBIAH (Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence Hub) is an innovative initiative dedicated to strengthening the cybersecurity of SMEs and local authorities. Coordinated by Campus Cyber and located at the heart of La Défense, this program is co-financed by the European Union and the Île-de-France Region. In its mission, CYBIAH relies on a consortium of major partners, including Aleia, Campus Cyber, CCI Paris Île-de-France, Epita, Erium, FI Group, Hub France IA, Inria, Métropole du Grand Paris, Paris Ouest La Défense, and Finally, CYBIAH has been selected by the European Commission as a reference hub in cybersecurity, EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub).


Board of Cyber is a French startup founded in 2022, specializing in cyber risk management. Its fully automated SaaS solutions allow its clients to assess, manage, and continuously improve the cyber performance of their organization and ecosystem. With its 40 employees, Board of Cyber supports more than 250 clients. Its mission is to contribute to creating a trusted ecosystem around organizations.


Marie Vasseur | Cymbioz

+33 6 64 90 32 47

François Leloup-Collet | Campus Cyber

+33 7 85 78 40 25


Pierre-Edouard Builly | Les Rois Mages

+33 6 84 34 48 48

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