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Explore our FAQ to discover how the CYBIAH initiative can enhance the digital security of your organization. Get clear and practical answers to your questions about our initiatives, partnerships, and tailored services, specifically designed to protect SMEs and local public administrations in Île-de-France.

What is CYBIAH and what is its mission?

CYBIAH, the Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence Hub, is an innovative initiative coordinated by Campus Cyber and located at the heart of La Défense. Its mission is to strengthen the cybersecurity of SMEs and local public administrations in Île-de-France by leveraging a consortium of major partners.

When and how did this CYBIAH project emerge?

CYBIAH is a project initiated and coordinated by Campus Cyber in January 2023 in response to the growing need to strengthen the cybersecurity of SMEs and local public administrations. The project was developed in collaboration with 10 other partners to create a robust and innovative ecosystem. This initiative also benefits from crucial co-financing from the European Union and the Île-de-France Region. This financial collaboration was essential to implement this ambitious project and meet urgent needs in digital security.

How are the funds from the European Union and the Île-de-France Region used to enhance the cybersecurity of SMEs and local public administrations within the CYBIAH project?

The European Union initiated the CYBIAH project and finances it with 3 million euros. The Île-de-France Region also funds this project with 2 million euros through the FEDER fund. These grants allow us to primarily create a regional impact by offering high-quality services without any remaining financial burden or at preferential rates. Additionally, these subsidies have enabled CYBIAH to establish itself as a reference hub in cybersecurity at the European level.

With the aim of enhancing the cybersecurity maturity of SMEs and local public administrations, European funding is mainly used to finance costs related to:

– Project management and coordination;
– Communication and dissemination;
– Cybersecurity training services;
– Networking and integration of the project into a national and European ecosystem;
– Cyber services within personalized paths;
– Long-term cybersecurity financing services.

How does the CYBIAH initiative strengthen the cybersecurity of SMEs and local public administrations?

CYBIAH offers tailored services and solutions, resulting from collaboration with members of its consortium and external partners, aimed at raising awareness, training, and supporting businesses and local public administrations in strengthening their cybersecurity. CYBIAH provides comprehensive support to SMEs and local public administrations, from identifying needs to conducting a tailored cybersecurity maturity assessment, including identifying technical solutions and guidance on complementary financing to facilitate necessary investments. To join the CYBIAH program as a beneficiary, SMEs and local public administrations must contact our team via this form.

What are the eligibility criteria to benefit from the CYBIAH initiative?

To benefit from the CYBIAH initiative, you must represent an SME or a local public administration in Île-de-France. Additionally, your company must have between 10 and 250 employees, an annual turnover of less than 50 million euros, and not be a subsidiary. These criteria ensure that the CYBIAH initiative can meet the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as local public administrations in the Île-de-France region.

Which partners are involved in the CYBIAH consortium?

CYBIAH relies on a prestigious consortium of partners, such as Aleia, Campus Cyber, CCI Paris Île-de-France, Epita, Erium, FI group, Hub France IA, Inria, Métropole du Grand Paris, Paris Ouest La Défense, and

What services and solutions does CYBIAH offer to businesses and local public administrations?

CYBIAH offers a range of services including training, workshops, personalized advice, and technological solutions to help businesses and local public administrations strengthen their cybersecurity.

How can SMEs benefit from CYBIAH support?

SMEs in Île-de-France can benefit from CYBIAH support by participating in training programs, accessing specialized resources, and receiving personalized support tailored to their specific cybersecurity needs. Simply fill out the contact form on the website and our team will get back to you soon.

My SME or local public administration is not located in Île-de-France. Can I still benefit from CYBIAH support?

If your SME or local public administration is located outside the Île-de-France region, you can still benefit from cybersecurity consulting services offered by CYBIAH. Although our primary mission is to support entities in Île-de-France, we can provide advice for implementing a cybersecurity enhancement plan, even outside this geographical area.

It is important to note that, unlike entities in Île-de-France, those located outside this region will not be eligible for specific subsidies from the Île-de-France Region. Therefore, a co-payment is expected for the services provided. We also encourage you to explore other sources of funding or support available in your respective region to complement your cybersecurity efforts.

What concrete initiatives has CYBIAH implemented in terms of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence?

In addition to its personalized support for SMEs and local public administrations in Île-de-France, CYBIAH implements initiatives such as webinars, awareness events, and strategic partnerships to promote cybersecurity.

What is the process for joining the CYBIAH program as a partner or beneficiary?

To join the CYBIAH program as a partner or beneficiary, you can contact our team via our contact form. We will be delighted to discuss collaboration opportunities with you.

What recent news or events are related to CYBIAH?

Stay informed about news and events related to CYBIAH by regularly checking our news page on the website. We also announce important updates on our social media channels: Linkedin, X, and YouTube.

How can I contact CYBIAH for more information or to participate in its initiatives?

For more information or to participate in our initiatives, feel free to contact us via our contact form. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

What is an EDIH?

CYBIAH has been selected by the European Commission as an EDIH in the cybersecurity sector.

An EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) is a European digital innovation hub established under the Digital Europe Work Programme (DIGITAL EUROPE). European Digital Innovation Hubs operate in a coordinated approach by the European Commission: they are one-stop shops that help businesses and public sector organizations address digital challenges and become more competitive.

There are 151 EDIHs present in 30 countries offering 15 different service categories.


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