Michel Van Den Berghe

Cybersecurity for SMEs: The Missing Piece

On Saturday, October 21st, Michel Van Den Berghe, President of Campus Cyber, Olivier Vallet, CEO of Docaposte, and Arnaud Drizard, co-founder of Bastion Technologies, discussed SME security in the face of cyberattacks on the Tech&Co Business show hosted by Frédéric Simottel on BFM Business.

“The cyber threat is now industrialized. It is extremely well organized.” – Michel Van Den Berghe

With the publication on October 31 of the SME security plan established by Campus Cyber, Michel Van Den Berghe emphasized the importance of enhancing the skills of French SMEs in the face of cybersecurity threats by relying on local actors.

Campus Cyber has also partnered with the national assistance scheme for victims of cybermalveillance,, to create a fact sheet of 5 essential cybersecurity recommendations for SMEs. The goal is simple: to encourage the involvement of all IT service providers during Cybermoi/s, the cybersecurity awareness month, by actively disseminating this informative content to their clients throughout the month of October.

If you would like to watch the show, the replay is still available online.

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